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Referral Program

Introduction to AHAVA's Referral Program

Discover the Rewards of AHAVA's Referral Program:. Share the Beauty!. Welcome to AHAVA's Referral Program, where sharing your love for our products brings you more than just satisfaction. As a loyal customer, you're automatically part of a community

How to Join the referral program?

Joining our referral program. Joining is effortless!. Every customer who makes a purchase is automatically enrolled. After your purchase, you'll find a unique coupon code on the after purchase 'thank you page'. This code is your key to unlocking excl

Earning Rewards as a Referrer

As a referrer, your rewards are directly tied to the success of your referrals. For each purchase made using your unique coupon code, you earn 15% of the transaction value. This means every time someone you refer indulges in our products, you earn a

Tracking Your Earnings and Receiving Payments

Managing and tracking your referral earnings is straightforward and user-friendly. All referrers have access to their personal dashboard on the Snowball platform. This dashboard is your window to view your earnings in real-time. To receive your payme

How to Thrive as an AHAVA Brand Advocate?

As a brand advocate for AHAVA, you're not just promoting products; you're sharing the essence of the Dead Sea's natural wonders and AHAVA's unique mineral-rich skincare solutions. In a world increasingly leaning towards natural and scientifically-bac