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How to Join the referral program?Updated 3 months ago

Joining our referral program

Joining is effortless! 

Every customer who makes a purchase is automatically enrolled. 

After your purchase, you'll find a unique coupon code on the after purchase 'thank you page'. 
This code is your key to unlocking exclusive benefits both for you and those you refer.

We will also send you your code and personal referrer dashboard links via Email.
If you are having trouble with your code, or have other inquiries, please contact our customer service team.

Your Unique Coupon Code: Unlock 30% Savings

The unique coupon code you receive as part of our referral program is more than just a set of numbers and letters; it's a gateway to an exclusive 30% discount on all our website products, excluding gift cards. 

This substantial discount is our way of saying 'thank you for being a part of the AHAVA family' and for sharing our passion for natural beauty.

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