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Tracking Your Earnings and Receiving PaymentsUpdated 3 months ago

Managing and tracking your referral earnings is straightforward and user-friendly. All referrers have access to their personal dashboard on the Snowball platform. This dashboard is your window to view your earnings in real-time. To receive your payments, simply enter your PayPal payment details on the dashboard. Additionally, the platform allows you to send us reminders to transfer your earnings. 

This system ensures transparency and ease, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of your referrals without any hassle.

How to Access & Manage Your Referrer Dashboard

1. Login to Your Account: 

First, log in to your affiliate dashboard via https://app.socialsnowball.io/login. If you haven't registered yet, complete your registration here: https://app.socialsnowball.io/sign-up.

2. Add Your Payout Information: 

To receive commissions, you need to enter your payout details. Navigate to the "Settings" tab in your affiliate portal and select "Payout Settings" profits.

Here, input your PayPal details, as this is currently the only accepted method for receiving payment for referral.

3. Setting Notification Preferences

Go to the "Settings" tab, then click on "Notification" to set your preferences. After adjusting them as desired, remember to save your changes.

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