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How to Add My Birth date to the Rewards Program for the Birthday Benefit?Updated a month ago

To add your birthday to our rewards program just follow these steps :

  1. 1. Log Into Your Account:

  2. First and foremost, log into your loyalty account. This is an essential initial step.

  3. 2. Access the Loyalty Page:

  4. After logging in, navigate to our Reward page .

  5. There you will find the 'Ways to Earn Points' section.

  6. Scroll down a bit to locate it.

  7. 3. Find the Birthday Addition Button:

  8. In the 'Ways to Earn Points' section, click on the special button for adding your birthday. enter your birth date and click on 'Add My Birthday'.

  9. ** If You Are Not Properly Logged In:  a notification will appear -

  10. This means you need to log in again.

  11. Once you've logged in again, return to step 3 and re-enter your birth date.

We hope you enjoy our special birthday treat! 

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