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What is Personally You?

Personally You is a unique skincare product. What is unique about it? Its formulation is 100% personalized, which means every Personally You product has a different formula - contains different active ingredients in different ratios every time it is

What is the Personally You formula based on?

The answer is simple: you and your skin. The cutting-edge technology, on the other hand, is far from simple; it's a result of over a decade's worth of research and development that brings previously unimaginable efficacy into skincare. We know there

How do we know what your specific skin's needs are?

We have developed an advanced intelligent software using artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose your skin type and its needs. The software balances the objective and subjective information you provide us with in a simple diagnostic questionnaire an

Can I go through the diagnostic process once and receive the product regularly?

We don't recommend it. The skincare product you receive is based on a diagnosis of your skin's needs at a specific time. Your skin's needs change, though (depending on the season, diet and lifestyle changes, etc.) and so we recommend re-assessing you

How and where is my Personally You made?

Each Personally You product is manufactured individually, one at a time, in our dedicated lab on the shores of the Dead Sea.

How can I order Personally You?

Simply enter and fill in our diagnostic questionnaire Here – you will only need to spare about 3 minutes for it. Then your unique formula is ready to be ordered! Add it to your cart, pay, and we start manufacturing it immediately. Finally, your finis

What are the ingredients in the Personally You Product?

The exact composition of your Personally You is based on the results of the diagnostic process – you will get a complete list of your unique formula's ingredients then. Rest assured we only use organic raw materials (OsmoterTM, salts, mud, plants). N

What are the delivery times of the Personally You product?

As we craft your unique formula on the very shores of the Dead Sea, it may take us up to 14 business days to deliver the exclusive package to your doorstep. If you're also expecting other AHAVA skincare, you will get two separate shipments. Thank you