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Gift Cards

Do you offer gift cards?

Absolutely! We offer four types of gift cards in varying amounts for you to choose from. Whether you're looking to treat yourself or surprise someone you care about, our gift cards are a perfect choice.

How can I purchase a gift card?

Purchasing our gift cards is seamless. You can find and buy them here: AHAVA Gift Cards.

After purchasing my gift card, where can I view its details, such as the card's balance and the redemption code?

Right after your purchase, you'll receive a confirmation email containing all the information about the gift card you've bought. This email will include a link that provides access to all the card's details, including its balance and the redemption c

How can I gift the gift card to someone else after purchasing it?

It's simple! Forward the link you received in the confirmation email to the recipient through any means you prefer – be it SMS, WhatsApp, email, etc. They can then use the redemption code provided in the link during their checkout process on our webs

How do I use my gift card during checkout?

In the checkout page, there's a designated field for promo codes and discounts. Simply enter your gift card code there and click the 'apply' button. The card's balance will automatically deduct from your cart's total.

Can I use both a gift card and a coupon code in one purchase?

No, promotions cannot be combined. You can either use a gift card or a coupon code for a single purchase.

Do I have to use up the entire gift card balance in one purchase?

No, you don't have to. You can use the gift card for multiple purchases, as long as the total does not exceed the card's value.

If I have a remaining balance on my gift card, how can I check it?

Simply reach out to our customer service through the 'Contact Us' form on this page. Our representatives will be delighted to provide you with the current status of your gift card and how much you've redeemed so far.