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Do Your Products Contain Fragrance or Perfume?Updated 2 months ago

The vast majority of our products contain fragrances, most of which are derived from natural sources such as plant extracts and essential oils from nature.

Please note that all of our eye creams are fragrance-free, ensuring the utmost gentleness for our customers who prefer unscented options or have sensitive skin around the eyes.


For customers who prefer products without added fragrances, we've carefully curated a selection of items specifically formulated without perfume or fragrance additives.

Below is our list of fragrance-free products:

All of our eye creams

Natural 32 Oz Dead Sea Bath Salt

Facial Mud Exfoliator

Purifying Mud Mask

Purifying Mud Sheet Mask

SKINPRO Calming Facial Moisturizer

PSO Joint Skin Cream

Alcohol Gel Hand Sanitizer - 3.4 oz


Additionally, we offer products that, while not containing perfume, do include natural essential oils providing a subtle scent.

These products offer the therapeutic benefits of essential oils without the use of artificial fragrances:


D-MEDIC Foot Gel-Scrub (Essential Oil of Grapefruit)

Facial Renewal Peel (Essential Oil of Bergamot)

Liquid Dead Sea Salt (Essential Oil of Grapefruit)

Magnesium Rich Deodorant (Essential Oil of Bergamot)

Men's Roll-On Mineral Deodorant (Essential Oil of Bergamot)

PSO Body Cream (Essential Oil of Lemongrass)

PSO Scalp Cream Mask (Essential Oil of Grapefruit)

PSO Shampoo (Essential Oil of Lemongrass)

SEBO Facial Balm Cream (Essential Oil of Bergamot)

SKINPRO Gentle Cleansing Gel (Essential Oil of Bergamot)

TOPIC Body Cleansing Foam (Essential Oil of Grapefruit)

TOPIC Body Cream (Essential Oil of Grapefruit)

X-ZEM Hand Cream (Essential Oil of Bergamot)


We are committed to meeting the needs of all our customers, providing options that suit various preferences and sensitivities. Whether you seek the natural therapeutic benefits of essential oils or prefer completely fragrance-free products, we have something for everyone.

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